Italian Happy Hour

What Makes an Italian Happy Hour Unique

The new social trend that has gained immense popularity, especially with the young professional crowd, that revolves around food, drinks and companionship. Aperitivo is an …

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Traditional Italian Lasagna

The History Of Lasagna

It’s time for dinner, your stomach rumbles and like any good pasta-lover, you decide to treat yourself and go to dinner at Bravo! When you arrive, …

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Spaghetti alla Carbonara: a tale of two recipes

Which cheese is ‘right’ for simple pasta Carbonara? Well, it seems it’s not so simple If you want to get into an argument with a …

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7 Basics of Italian Food Culture

Italian cuisine has earned an international reputation as a family favorite. What is it about the country’s tasteful treats that earn the gourmet specialties such …

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Image of mozzarella balls served at an Italian Restaurant in Miami.

How Mozzarella Cheese Came to Be

Cheese makes everything better. There is no other topping that has been shown as much love and appreciation than cheese has by different cuisines from …

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