Image of Sunday Brunch served at Via Verdi, Italian restaurant in Miami. 8 oz skirt steak, fried eggs, grilled rustic potatoes, mustard sauce.

Sunday brunch, Via Verdi Style

Brunch has quickly swept over the millennial generation and made itself the most important weekend staple. For good reason, we’d argue. Brunch is such an easy meal to love and more than that, it’s a pastime. Friends gather to reflect on the previous night, the week, look to what’s coming up, spill over laughter and day starting cuisine.

That’s the other beauty of brunch- choosing exactly how to start your day. Maybe you want a savory treat at 11 am to get the day going- who’s going to stop you? Maybe it’s 2 pm, but you are craving a classic egg dish that’s traditionally served in the earliest hours. It’s all good! Everybody gets to enjoy their idea of a rule-free, weekend morning however they wish.

As if the favored Sunday activity couldn’t get any better, we’ve brought Italian brunch to Miami. If you’re wondering what Italian breakfasts and brunches entail, you’re not alone.

Let’s take a peek at how we infuse our brunch menu with Italian cuisine:

  • The more, the merrier! At any Italian gathering, you can safely anticipate more guests than invited as the whole family pours in with plus-ones, extended family, roommates and best friends. Naturally, we have to serve generous portions and assortments to keep everyone well-fed and pleasantly excited about the table’s dishes. We mix sweet and savory, use pasta, meat, eggs, fish and wine so that there is something for everyone to enjoy. And if there’s a curious diner or two, they can sample a bit of everything.
  • Italian ingredients infuse cuisine. What would an Italian brunch be without the infusion of our native country’s cherished ingredients. Expect to find surprising pairings that make your mouth water for breakfast every morning. Think truffle fondue and grilled focaccia on eggs, classic chicken parmesan, and rustic potatoes.
  • Too many beverages. We have so many beverages, you want to say it’s too many beverages. But are there ever too many beverages? Of course not! Let’s start the meal with delicious espresso and cappuccino, transporting our Miami-bound bodies to our Italian homeland. It’s never too early to bring out the wine- Italians know this. Our brunch is best paired with whites, rosés, and believe it or not- full bodied reds. If you’re familiar with the traditional mimosa (bubbly and OJ), try the Italian take on the brunch beverage- the Bellini (bubbly and peach).
  • Mediterranean vibes. Sometimes we transport diners to the hills and hidden cobblestones that sprawl across northern Italy. Brunch is time for a lighter, vacation-reminiscent energy. Treat yourself to the music and ambience of the Mediterranean. Enjoy light, airy interior fresh tablecloths and decadent silverware. Music takes you right to the Amalfi coast- relaxing, soulful, delightfully tropical.

Here are some of the favorite items on our Brunch menu:

  • Verdi Burger

8 oz of Angus beef on a focaccia bun, fried egg, caramelized onions, bacon, fontina cheese, served with truffle fries

  • Benedettina

Poached eggs, smoked salmon, kale, hollandaise sauce on focaccia, served with rustic potatoes

  • Panelle

Crispy chick pea Sicilian fritters

  • Arancini

Rice ball ragu and mozzarella

  • Camicia

Poached eggs, ham, truffle fondue, grilled focaccia, serviced with rustic potatoes

  • Nutella (Did you think we’d forget Nutella?)

Pancakes with Nutella, served with maple syrup and banana

  • Caipiwi

Fresh kiwi, lime, prosecco

  • Spicy margarita (need we say more?)

Anejo tequila, triple sec, spicy sugar, lemon juice

  • Smoky Bloody Mary

Beluga vodka served with slice of bacon, two blue cheese olives, smoked salt

Is your mouth watering yet? Come in and visit Via Verdi to experience Sunday brunch Miami with a new, Italian twist. We look forward to serving you!

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