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The Uniqueness Of the Piedmont Wine Region

Not only is the Po River Valley home to the major cities of Milan and Turin, the Piedmont region is located here. Almost as well-known as Tuscany, this region produces some of the best wines Italy has to offer. Bordered by the gorgeous Alps to the north and the modest hills of the Apennines to the south, the grapes characteristic of this region reside on those hills. Of the 20 main wine regions in Italy, the Piedmont wine region ranks 6th in terms of production and is home to more DOCG (Denominzione di Origine Controllata e Garantita) wines than any other region. 90% of the production takes place in the southern part of the region.

Weather plays an important role in the distinctive wine from this region. The constant battle between the frigid Alps air and the warm Mediterranean climate creates daily morning fog in the low-lying areas that burn off later in the day. This allows more sun to strike the hills, produce better grapes and as a result delicious swine.

Considered the best wine from this region is the Nebbiolo variety.Image of Nebbiolo Langhe D.O.C. served at Italian restaurant Via Verdi in Miami.

This high tannin grape grips the front of your mouth with each drink and should be selected from the 10-15 year range. Collectors will often buy the Nebbiolo variety and not open them or years to find a soft and delicate wine waiting. If you are looking for this specific style, look in your local wine shop for Barolo DOCG (>$60), Barbaresco DOCG (>$40), or cheaper varieties labeled Langhe Nebbiolo. This sub-region produces less tannic wines that are similar to Pinot Noir.

Barbera is the most popular grape of the region producing darker wines with hints of black cherry and dried herbs. The locals often drink this variety due to its availability. Be careful here because there are only two DOCGs for Barbera in the Piedmont region: Barber d’Asti and Barbera del Monferrato Superiore. Because this wine is underrated, it often comes with a moderate price tag.

Another red wine of the region is Brachetto. Known for its fruity and sweet tones, this style pairs exceptionally well with chocolate.

Freisa grapes is both loved and hated. With strong acidity, bitterness and grippy tannins, these wines are for a specific consumer. A positive of these wines are the very high levels of antioxidants.

Wines made with Dolcetto grapes do not stay true to their translated name of “little sweet one”. These low acidity wines do not age as well, are very dark in color with hints of blackberry, licorice, and tar.

White wines also come out of the Piedmont region with great examples such as Roero Arneis and Gavi which come from Cortese grapes. Asti spumante is perhaps the most well-known white wine of the region made from Moscato grapes. These produce sweet and floral wines that often come in smaller bottles to allow for the aroma to be savored.

Piemonte wine is best known because of Barolo and Barbaresco but there are so many other great wines to try. Ask you local wine store for varieties that will pair well with your planned meal and you will be sure to be amazed. Whether it is opening a bottle of sparkling and light white wine made from Moscato grapes on a hot day or savoring a bold, rust-colored Nebbiolo red, the Piedmont region is a wine lovers paradise. Thankfully, traveling to this northern Italy region is not necessary to enjoy all the wines that it has to offer. Via Verdi is home to a wide selection of fine Italian wines that have been carefully selected to compliment the menu items. Visit to see the full wine menu offered.

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