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The Perfect End-Of-Summer Italian Al Fresco Dinner

With the summer months coming to a close and temperatures dropping to more tolerable temperatures in many areas, now is the perfect time to enjoy eating outside. Gone are the days of unbearable heat and the scorching sun. Fall weather in temperate climates provides a great chance to sit outside, gather with friends and family, and enjoy fine food. Al fresco dining can take many forms and will be a big hit at your next dinner party. This casual dining style, typically a party atmosphere, is paired perfectly with a fresh menu of Italian fare. You have a few options if this sounds intriguing. First, you can prepare the entire meal which allows for total customization and guest preferences. Below youll find a sample menu of fresh Italian al fresco food. A second option is to cater; if your party is shaping up to be big.

Via Verdi, Miamis best Italian restaurant, offers everything you need for your next venue.

The third option is to have their food delivered. This last option is great for smaller parties or just a weeknight family meal.

Struggling to come up with a menu to enjoy? Well, here are some ideas to help prepare a fresh, delicious meal that everyone is sure to enjoy. In keeping with the Italian al fresco theme, the first course, or antipasto, could be a Caprese salad. Combining tart tomatoes, fragrant basil, the best extra-virgin olive oil available, and fresh mozzarella elevates each individual ingredient into a vibrant first course. Top it with ground black pepper and salt.

The next course is the big one, the primo. Of course, there are countless recipes to choose from that take advantage of seasonal produce and meats but a gnocchi dish is an excellent choice. Going the extra step to make homemade gnocchi is well worth it. Combine ricotta, Parmesan cheese, flour, and egg, roll into a log shape, slice into small chunks and boil. Add in a sautéed mixture of asparagus, prosciutto, and heavy cream and the dish is elevated to new heights.

Follow the gnocchi dish with a lighter, shrimp scampi to add in other incredible flavors. A pan sauce with vermouth (not white wine), herbs and butter coat the perfectly cooked shrimp and produce a vibrant and fresh seafood dish.

Last but not least, enjoy a simple yet satisfying dessert of ricotta gelato. Dont waste any leftover ricotta from the gnocchi! Churn together ricotta, milk, sugar, corn syrup and a dash of salt to produce a great topper to pies or solo finisher.


Italian Starter platter.

Understandably so, planning and preparing a full meal is time-consuming. Luckily, Via Verdi of Miami offers the best Italian catering service available. Regardless of what type of event or venue in question, they produce exceptional quality food. Chefs, Fabrizio and Nicola Carro, of Northern Italy, have brought with them years of experience both in Italy and across Europe. Whether you wish to cater in at a specific location or rent out their restaurant, specifically crafted menus of the freshest Italian fare will please each guest. Contact Via Verdi to request a quote and take your next event to a new level.

If you arent in the market for a catered event, Via Verdi offers Italian food online as well. The best Italian is a few clicks away. So, if your dinner party is not large enough to warrant a fully catered event, their efficient online option allows you to enjoy their authentic fare in your own home. Delivered right to your front door, the best Italian food in Miami is only minutes away at any given time.  

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