Popular Ancient Roman Food Items

The Roman Empire was one of the greatest civilizations that existed during recorded history. Covering most of Europe, stretching down into northern Africa and into …

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best wine in miami

The Uniqueness Of the Piedmont Wine Region

Not only is the Po River Valley home to the major cities of Milan and Turin, the Piedmont region is located here. Almost as well-known …

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Spaghetti alla Carbonara: a tale of two recipes

Which cheese is ‘right’ for simple pasta Carbonara? Well, it seems it’s not so simple If you want to get into an argument with a …

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The truffle, a precious underground fungus, has ancient origins if you think that some scholars believe that this rare product of the earth was already …

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The origin of Pesto sauce

Pesto is the most famous and loved green sauce in the world. This simple and genuine raw sauce is typical of Liguria region in the northwest of Italy. …

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5 Things Everyone Should Know About Brie Cheese

Brie is the little black dress of cheeses. Unlike its funkier friends — we’re looking at you, Camembert — Brie is always a good idea, …

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7 Basics of Italian Food Culture

Italian cuisine has earned an international reputation as a family favorite. What is it about the country’s tasteful treats that earn the gourmet specialties such …

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The history of Wine in Italy

No culture is defined by their wine like Italy. As Burton Anderson noted in his work The Wine Atlas of Italy, just a few decades ago, …

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Image of mozzarella balls served at an Italian Restaurant in Miami.

How Mozzarella Cheese Came to Be

Cheese makes everything better. There is no other topping that has been shown as much love and appreciation than cheese has by different cuisines from …

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Via Verdi Italian food

The history of Italian cuisine

It is easy to love good food, and we Italians know a couple of things about it. When you enjoy cooking, you become acquainted with …

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