Traditional Italian Lasagna

The History Of Lasagna

It’s time for dinner, your stomach rumbles and like any good pasta-lover, you decide to treat yourself and go to dinner at Bravo! When you arrive, …

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Spaghetti alla Carbonara: a tale of two recipes

Which cheese is ‘right’ for simple pasta Carbonara? Well, it seems it’s not so simple If you want to get into an argument with a …

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The truffle, a precious underground fungus, has ancient origins if you think that some scholars believe that this rare product of the earth was already …

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The origin of Pesto sauce

Pesto is the most famous and loved green sauce in the world. This simple and genuine raw sauce is typical of Liguria region in the northwest of Italy. …

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5 Things Everyone Should Know About Brie Cheese

Brie is the little black dress of cheeses. Unlike its funkier friends — we’re looking at you, Camembert — Brie is always a good idea, …

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The history of Wine in Italy

No culture is defined by their wine like Italy. As Burton Anderson noted in his work The Wine Atlas of Italy, just a few decades ago, …

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