Image of Italian chickpeas and meze platter.

Italian Fall Recipes

Instead of letting your kitchen grow dull and repetitive this fall, why not plan for new ways to keep the chilly months warm and full …

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Image of mozzarella balls served at an Italian Restaurant in Miami.

How Mozzarella Cheese Came to Be

Cheese makes everything better. There is no other topping that has been shown as much love and appreciation than cheese has by different cuisines from …

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Via Verdi Italian food

The history of Italian cuisine

It is easy to love good food, and we Italians know a couple of things about it. When you enjoy cooking, you become acquainted with …

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Assagi Via Verdi

Eat Like an Italian (Minus the Pizza)

Nutrition Tips for Better Vascular Health Mediterranean cuisine has gotten a lot of attention for its potential impact on cardiovascular health. In fact, newer research …

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