Italian Happy Hour

What Makes an Italian Happy Hour Unique

The new social trend that has gained immense popularity, especially with the young professional crowd, that revolves around food, drinks and companionship. Aperitivo is an …

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Image of people eating Italian food in an Italian restaurant in Miami.

The Perfect End-Of-Summer Italian Al Fresco Dinner

With the summer months coming to a close and temperatures dropping to more tolerable temperatures in many areas, now is the perfect time to enjoy …

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Popular Ancient Roman Food Items

The Roman Empire was one of the greatest civilizations that existed during recorded history. Covering most of Europe, stretching down into northern Africa and into …

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7 Basics of Italian Food Culture

Italian cuisine has earned an international reputation as a family favorite. What is it about the country’s tasteful treats that earn the gourmet specialties such …

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Image of ossobuco from best Italian Restaurant in Miami.

Secret to the Perfect Osso Buco

Traditional Italian cuisine is much more than just pasta and sauce, contrary to popular belief. In America, we tend to adapt and put our own …

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parmagiano Via Verdi

Parmesan Cheese Origin

There are many misconceptions about the word Parmesan, but there is no doubt whatsoever about Parmesan cheese’s origin! Parmesan refers to the famous cheese made …

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wine Via Verdi

Italian Wine: The Taste of History and Passion

It’s true that the Italians were not the first to invent wine. But more than any other people throughout history, they have demonstrated a serious …

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Italian market Via Verdi

How to Navigate an Italian Market

Navigating the mesmerizing food markets of Italy can be overwhelming. Here are a few tips. I won’t lie, my first time shopping for groceries in …

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Smoked Salmon Wine

10 Different Drinks To Pair With Smoked Salmon

Smoked salmon is most commonly associated with champagne but in fact, it goes with many other wines as well as with beer, whiskey, and vodka. I …

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Image of risotto

The History of Risotto

There are few dishes as popular or as versatile as risotto. At its simplest, risotto is a hearty, warming rice dish, rich with the flavours …

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