San Marzano Bloody Mary

The Secret Origins of the Bloody Mary

When you think of the few “classic” cocktails that bartenders even know how to make any more, none has a more storied past than the Bloody …

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Sparkling Wines

Top differences between Sparkling Wines

What is the difference between Sparkling Wines? The typical short answer is that sparkling wine can only be called ‘Champagne’ if it is made and comes from …

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Carpano Antica – Formula of Vermouth

 The legend goes a little something like this: A local resident and herbalist named Antonio Benedetto Carpano began mixing botanical ingredients with local moscatel wines–a …

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mozzarella Via Verdi

How to Choose Authentic and Untainted Buffalo Mozzarella from Campania

Buffalo mozzarella from the region of Campania (Mozzarella di bufala campana) is one of Italy’s most prestigious and appreciated food products, used for the famous …

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Italian bread Via Verdi

Types of Italian Bread

Rarely is there an Italian meal that does not include bread. Ancient tools and ovens provide proof that man has been making breads for thousands …

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Italian wines Via Verdi

The Beginner’s Guide To Great Italian Red Wines

Wine can be a little off-putting. There’s just so much of it out there. There are Pinots and Merlots and Cab Francs to contend with. …

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