Biodynamic Wine Event In Miami

I’m fil & Via Verdi – Biodynamic Wine Dinner

From Northern Italy to Biscayne Blvd, Nicola and Fabrizio Carro have brought their passion for high-quality, authentic food to Miami. Each plate that is served combines the finest ingredients with traditional recipes to bring the incredible cuisine of Italy to the heart of Miami. The Carro brothers strive to protect the principles of Italian food and wine and are proud to invite you to the Biodynamic Wine Dinner.

Biodynamic agriculture is a farming discipline very similar to organic approaches in that it uses manures, composts and excludes chemicals and pesticides. The unique aspect biodynamic agriculture is that it treats the soil, plants, and animals as part of one single system.

The wine that will be served is biodynamic, courtesy of I’m Fil,  so that you too can experience the benefits of alternative agriculture.

Biodynamic Wine Dinner

Thursday, June 1st, 2017

7:30 pm: Reservations Only, RSVP

Contact: Fabrizio Carro at (786)615-2870 or

Cost: $70 pp

Both the food and wine will be provided by Via Verdi and will feature a gourmet five-course meal with expert wine pairings. Duck breast, sea scallops, trofie pasta and beef tenderloin will be the items headlining each course as you sip on biodynamic wines that complement each dish.

We hope for you to join us on June 1st for our Biodynamic Wine Dinner. If you have any questions or would like to reserve your spot today, contact Fabrizio Carro at (786) 615-2870 or at

Visit us at our Biscayne Blvd restaurant! And experience the best Italian wine in Miami.

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